How am I going to get this all home? Seriously.

I came to Charlotte with one overstuffed suitcase, which I had to check, (for $25 thank you very much, remember when checking a bag cost nothing?) and one overstuffed carry on bag. Jesse is a show off and traveled with one carry on bag, only.

This morning at the MA Delegation Welcome Breakfast, we picked up our gift bags. The above pic is the content of just one of our bags. I haven’t even hit the convention arena yet, where I am certain I’ll be buying a ton of stuff for family and friends, and to show my Dem Pride while I am here.

How am I going to get all of this home?

Jesse is most excited about the pedometer because she’s always working to get her steps in for the day, and she’s damn near giddy about the bag of brown sugar which she plans to use back at home to bake cookies. I am most excited about the mini electronic personal fan, it’ll give me some relief from this Carolina heat, and I also love the hand held NARAL Pro-Choice fan which reads, Politicians Make Crappy Doctors. I can’t wait to wave that bad boy in the convention hall.

2 thoughts on “How am I going to get this all home? Seriously.

  1. My suggestion as a past DNC attendee. Find the closest UPS or FedEx store (or ask at the front desk if they will do this) and ship that stuff to your office. Except of course for the really cool telltale buttons you get that you can pin to your jacket on the way home.

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