MA has been good to me, it’s where I attended college, cut my teeth politically, ran, and was elected to public office. MA is where I have made a life for myself as an adult. But my origins are the Midwest, Chicago, specifically. Yes, I’m another black, progressive pol who hails from the Chi. I’m ok with that, I like to think I’m in good company. I was thrilled to learn upon hotel check-in that the IL delegation is also staying at the Omni, so I’ve been able to connect with some folks from Chicago that I haven’t seen in ages, including my extended “family”, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsy (formerly a State Rep) and her husband political consultant, Bob Creamer. I spent most weekends as a child w/their fam in Evanston. I’ll never forget their shock when baking a cake, the recipe said, to stir by hand, and I stuck both of mine in! Hopefully, I’ve come a long way, both in my baking and my life since then!

Growing up in Chicago prepared me well for my adult life in Boston. Boston is my home, and I root for the Red Sox, but I will always love the hot dogs at Wrigley more than Fenway Franks. This week I get to touch base with the people who helped lay so much of my political – and culinary! – foundation.

One thought on “Origins

  1. i love this story, Ayanna. Got to hang out with Jan in NH last week when she was here for press conferences. Didn’t know about your connections. She’s been a great PIH and global health ally over the years. So great to know the story. Hope you both have an awesome week. Cheering you & Jesse on from Manchester!

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