Soundtrack of my life

Thank God this wasn’t a road trip, I would have pulled my hair out already. Jesse has downloaded the Evita soundtrack and a nonstop play list of showtunes. Lord have mercy. Meanwhile, I can’t wait for later in the week when Mary J Blige performs. Love her. Come on now, who doesn’t appreciate a good female anthem sung by a diva? Spkg of divas, Janelle Monae is killin’ it on the Carolina Fest stage right now. She and James Taylor make for an interesting contrast. I never tire of Taylor, his melodies or his activism. I’m going to share a pic w/everyone of what is essentially a Democratic mosh pit outside, but am struggling on this blackberrry to get a pic that does this scene justice. Yes, I still use a blackberry. I am teased daily (especially by Tito and Felix) for still using one, and now NC delegates are adding to the chorus. Ugh. Shout out to all my ppl still using blackberrys!

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