Welcome to Uptown

I love the people and the vibe of Charlotte, NC. Both the city and its residents have made me feel immediately welcome. And I can’t even begin to talk about the food, and I hope my waist line won’t be talking with regret in the next 3days. It is ridiculously humid (I will discuss the travails of a black woman’s hair in this weather later) fortunately, the reception by locals has been even warmer than the humidity. I definitely appreciate the southern hospitality. Jesse and I are staying in the heart of Charlotte, but don’t you dare refer to it as Downtown, (like you would in another city perhaps) Charlotte only has an Uptown. I can’t wait to experience it fully! I’m really looking forward to seeing my fellow delegates tomorrow, you can literally feel the excitement (and the humidity) in the air.

One thought on “Welcome to Uptown

  1. Ayanna…indeed, welcome to southern hospitality that, really, we’ve only tasted a little.  Speaking of “tasted”, try Mert’s REAL southern cookin’.  It’s next door to the Holiday Inn, Uptown!  Have fun!!   Hi to Jess and you from Holland!!  xo  Jet & Bob   

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