Google made me want a standing desk

Google has a gigantic lounge and exhibit space set up right near where we are staying. I spent a few minutes there late this morning and fell in love with the standing/walking desks you could test out. Ayanna outed me earlier as a devoted pedometer-wearer (nerd alert, I know), who is always trying to up my step count. These desks are attached to treadmills that you set at a very leisurely pace while you work at your standing desk. I’ve heard about them, but never tried one. If you’re already thinking about what to get me for my birthday in March, one of these would be awesome!

The rest of their space was interesting, but not as useful for my step count. They had colorful lounges, phone charging stations, Southern sweet tea, photo booths, and huge tv walls.

I’m not sure the lounge made me want to pay to do anything with Google, but it definitely made me want that desk.






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