Party Animals – Monday

Evening parties are a staple of political conventions, and even though my friends (ahem, Ayanna) will tell you that I’m notoriously boring, even I can’t resist stopping by a few of the bashes.

There are a slew of parties on the calendar this week, but last night was all about Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Democratic Party hosted a reception for our delegation at the Betchler Museum of Modern Art, and then the convention CEO – Massachusetts’ own Steve Kerrigan – threw a welcome party near our hotel.

Only at a DNC party can you walk up the steps with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and then get pulled on the dance floor by a bunch of women Reps and Senators from Beacon Hill. Or turn a corner and realize that the person you almost knocked over is Secretary Madeleine Albright (sorry!).

I didn’t stay out too late – the convention is a marathon, not a sprint – but it was a fun night!









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