Policies NOT Platitudes.

Yesterday, I referenced the electricity, humidity and camaraderie at the 2012 DNC, and all of that is true, but there are also detractors and hate mongers. Although I support everyone’s right to believe what they believe, the approach and tactics of many of these, ummm (I’m searching for the right word) PEOPLE, is certainly testing my patience, but does serve to reinforce, strengthen, and affirm my commitment to my Party and the re-election of Barack Obama. On my way to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Yes We Plan! Rally, I was assaulted by offensive people distorting biblical verses, and posters of mangled fetuses. As hard as it was to be confronted by these things, I can only imagine how much harder it is for women to be assaulted in this way when simply going to see a doctor to get a pap smear. Obama-Biden, four more years of policies not platitudes that support women!

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