RomneyCare Works

There is special attention that comes with being the home state of the other party’s nominee – even if that candidate doesn’t exactly embrace his record in the Commonwealth. Especially his record on RomneyCare.

Most of the MA delegation attended a panel today on how successful RomneyCare has been back home. Governor Patrick opened the session and gave Romney credit for his leadership in state health care reform, and said he should be proud of his role. The panel was packed with leaders like AG Martha Coakley, Phil Johnston, and Jim Roosevelt. The AG talked about the myth that health care costs are high in MA because of reform. Actually, our health care costs are below the national average. Phil brought up the drop in ER visits since the law was signed. It is a strange world we live in when Mitt Romney wants to run from his record of leadership on a law that lead to over 97% of MA residents having health insurance coverage.

With all of the fun and fluff that can come with the DNC, it is the opportunities for substantive discussions like this one that are most important. I’m looking forward to doing more of this in the next few days.


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