A few of us in the MA delegation went in search of The Huffington Post’s Oasis, the zen lounge set up at both the DNC and RNC to help attendees relax and stay healthy in the midst of the madness of the convention.

Word is that MA’s own event guru Bryan Rafanelli was the mastermind behind the calming wonderland. Everything was pure white, with peaceful scented candles lit everywhere, and stunning floral arrangements on display. There were yoga studios, makeup artists, and a spa. I wasn’t speedy enough to sign up for one of the limited spa or makeup appointments, but everyone I saw coming out of those rooms looked like election stress was the last thing on their minds. So jealous.

There were healthy treats available throughout the lounge, which was quite large and had probably 5 or 6 spacious rooms. Comfy plush white couches were around every corner, and the folks behind Bliss spa products were giving away samples of lotion with cheeky campaign-related names (see the pics below). I snagged a few of those bottles!

Far and away the highlight of the Oasis visit was watching a yoga instructor guide Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo in some poses. I’m not sure Felix is going to be investing in a yoga mat anytime soon, but he was a good sport.

No question it felt hugely indulgent to spend time at Oasis, but it was a welcome break from the high-speed pace of the convention.







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