Party Animals – Tuesday

Calling us party animals last night is a pretty big stretch. We were tired and were dragging, but we did our best to rally and stop by a few places.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund – the political arm of Planned Parenthood – had their signature Sex, Politics & Cocktails party at a local event space, and we spent a little bit of time there. Ayanna ran into a former colleague from her days working for Senator Kerry, and I reconnected with some of my DC counterparts from my time working for Planned Parenthood League of MA. They were passing around neon-green Obama-tinis, but any drink that color just makes me think of Ecto-Cooler from back in the day, so I passed.

After that we checked out The Future Party, which was hosted by a whole bunch of progressive organizations for elected and other leaders under 40. Ayanna and I had been involved with two of the sponsoring groups – Ayanna with the Truman Project, and for me the Young Elected Officials Network – so once again we both ran into folks we knew. I bumped into Cincinnati City Councilor PG Sittenfeld, a YEO colleague of mine, and AP chatted with Alex Cornell du Houx, a State Rep from Maine she had met at a Truman training. The Democratic Party is a small, small world.

As always, some of the best moments are when you’re just wandering around and stumble across people and places. We happened upon the MSNBC outdoor studio on our way back to the hotel, and also got to say hello to Donna Brazile and Reggie Love on the streets of Charlotte in the wee hours.

We snapped a few pics along the way. Nothing too incriminating!

One thought on “Party Animals – Tuesday

  1. Love the blog! Great way to share with us Charlotte 2012.since so many of us were coming to my beloved Carolinas today! The up and coming ladies of the Mass Democratic Party!

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