This is why I didn’t bring high heels.

If you know me, you noticed something very strange about the picture of my shoes earlier in this blog: they were flats or very low heels. Normally I’m a pretty serious heel kind of gal, but this is my 4th DNC and I know better than to think that I can handle all of this time on my feet in the ridiculous shoes I usually wear. There are a zillion events, panels, receptions, forums, etc. to go to during the convention – all day every day. It is a blast and a fabulous opportunity, but it makes for long and jam-packed days. These are the moments when killer heels are not a girl’s best friend.

Today was one of those jam-packed days. 

I started out with the whole MA delegation at the daily breakfast, and then made my way to the Oasis lounge (see an earlier post), a DNC messaging session on building in your Jewish community, a reception for the Fair Share Alliance, and then a panel by the JFK Library’s New Frontier Network on Changing Political Demographics. I was hugely disappointed to not make an EMILY’s List panel that I was really looking forward to, but the day just got away from me. 

The session on messaging for your Jewish community included DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and was especially timely given today’s conversations around the party’s platform and Jerusalem. Thankfully, not long after our session ended I heard from Treasurer Grossman that the President took charge and restored the appropriate language to the platform so that the issue was resolved. There were a number of MA faces in the room, including Boston City Councilor Mike Ross and Joe Hanley.

The JFK Library event was fascinating. David Gregory was the moderator, and the panel included Governor Patrick and the NYT’s Matt Bai, plus Maria Cardona and Chris Hughes. Gregory asked the Governor – again – if he was going to run for President in 2016. The Governor – again – made it clear that he was looking forward to serving out his term and returning to the private sector, but it was obvious that nobody was going to stop asking him these questions any time soon! The reception after the panel was really cool. All of the food was New England themed, down to the mini Boston Creme Pies. There was even a signature drink called the Honey Fitz. Caroline Kennedy was working the room, and talked to just about everyone there. 

One key tool for powering through all of this: sugar. I stopped for a Krispy Kreme earlier today. Totally addictive.

We are walking over to the convention shortly. Yet another reason I’m happy to be in more sensible shoes. 








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