DNC Night 2.

Am I the only one with Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow stuck in my head after last night? AP isn’t helping with her blog title from this morning. It feels appropriate that everyone was using #ilovethe90s on Twitter last night, because we were all feeling quite nostalgic in the hall listening to President Clinton last night.

A few observations:
– I know it is a cliche, but the only appropriate comparison to use for the environment at the DNC when Bill Clinton took the stage is to a rock concert. I shot a little video on my phone that I’m going to try to attach here so you can get a sense of what it was like in the middle of the hysteria (the video may come later – having some trouble on my phone).

– I’m guessing the cameras had cut out by the time LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took the mic after Presidents Clinton and Obama left the stage. If that was the case, you missed out on the crowd getting rowdy (in a good way) as the Mayor kept us all chanting “Fired up! Ready to go!” He was quite the enthusiastic cheerleader. Someone should have given him some red white and blue pompoms.

– As Ayanna already mentioned, we got stuck outside for a while when it looked like the Fire Marshall might shut down the building. Obviously it all worked out just fine, but we were nervous for a while there given Ayanna’s big role later in the evening entering MA’s votes into the record. When we ended up getting in – after about a 45 minute wait – Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson cleared the way for us. Tito used his skills as a former football player and made sure the three of us got through the crowd and were part of the group that got past the front doors. He literally took our hands and pulled us along with him. Thanks, Tito!

– Our delegation is pretty mellow when it comes to kooky hats an outfits, but longtime Democratic activist Curtis LeMay makes up for how boring the rest of us are with his eye catching vest!

– Adding to what I mentioned about Tuesday night, we really are in a great spot for people watching. Sightings included MC Hammer and Soledad O’Brien, plus Senator Kerry doing a bunch of interviews from the floor.

– The MA crew went Elizabeth Warren crazy! I think it was tough to tell on tv how loudly we were all screaming when she opened her remarks with a shout out to Massachusetts. My ears are still ringing! Lots of our delegates were wearing EW shirts that were part of our swag bags at check in, and she definitely did us proud.

– The bumping-into continued last night. I saw Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards after her speech. She was a regular visitor at PPLM during my tenure there, so it was a treat to see her again. I also ran into Tallahassee City Commissioner and YEO colleague Andrew Gillum as we were leaving the hall.

– Finally, but most importantly, Ayanna and Felix were plain old awesome last night. They read the votes for Massachusetts and we were all beaming with pride. I know only a few faces made it in tv, crowded around them at the mic, but there was a huge contingent from our delegation that stuck around after the Clinton speech to cheer for them during their big moment.

For those desperately waiting for a Party Animals update from last night, our apologies. Ayanna and I showed our true colors last night and didn’t go to any parties. We stopped back in our hotel room with the intention of freshening up and hitting the town, but we lost our momentum and crashed hard. We will try to do better tonight!










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