A Frustrated Paparazzi

I am at the airport in Charlotte, NC heading home in an hour. I am looking forward to returning to my Dorchester home, and of course, to City Hall. That being said, the DNC proved to be a reunion, a renewing and inspiring experience, and a part of me is truly sad to leave… maybe even annoyed. Like any trip, the second you finally (sigh) acclimate yourself to your new temporary home, and culture, it is time to go. I was thrilled to find that the Democratic Metropolis that was the DNC has been transplanted to Charlotte’s Airport. In a span of an hour I’ve had meaningful conversations with our fearless leader Governor Deval Patrick, female MC hiphop pioneer “Salt” from Salt N Pepa, dynamic Philadelphia State Representative Kenyatta Johnson, and MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell, and last but certainly not least, the incomparable, nationally regarded political operative and strategist, MarDee Xifaras. I know that I gave MarDee a big shout out, but hey, she deserves it, and I am not just saying that because she treated me to lunch at Phillips, a wannabe Legal Seafoods really. Sadly, because my blackberry refused to cooperate (I’m close to waving the white flag and finally getting that IPhone) I was unable to visually capture these moments. I wanted to be your airport paparazzi, alas, technology was not on my side. Good thing, I’ve the stories and the memories to draw from and revisit, and eventually to share with you via blog post. I promise, at least several more posts are coming. Bear with nme ya’ll. And yes, I said ya’ll, and not because I’ve been in NC all week, I always have…


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