Binky Saves the Day

I have a fear of flying… MAJOR. I am usually white knuckled, drafting my last will and testament on an air sick bag, scratching the skin off the forearm of my aisle neighbor, and regularly pushing my seat light to ask the flight attendant nonsensical questions like, “Excuse me, can turbulence make the plane crash?” All the while, I am holding a “binky” (pictures are forthcoming) of to comfort me. I use to be a fearless flyer, but one day had an epiphany that I was hostage to a hunk of metal hurling through the air that I had zero control over. Previously, I was under the delusion that I had some control. So, my binky saves the day! Today, I also plan to experiment (before take off) for the first time with something called… Blue Cow, The Original Relaxation without Drowsiness. Has anyone ever sampled this concoction? Wish me luck! Irreverent comedian Jimmy Tingle just walked into the airport to an enthusiastic reception from the MA Delegation. Thank God HE doesn’t know about my Binky… at least not yet, anyway.


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